Photo: Adrian López Velarde / Marte Cázarez, Desserto

Twibber Stories Mexico18. November 2021

Vegan Twibber Loves Cactus Leather

Believing passionately in a vegan lifestyle, I was very impressed to hear about two entrepreneurs in Mexico who have developed vegan leather made with nopal, a cactus.

Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez created a cruelty free, sustainable alternative to animal leather without any toxic chemicals and PVC. The cactus leather is partially biodegradable and has the technical specifications required by the fashion, leather goods, furniture and automotive industries.

Its trade name is Desserto, and it has competitive features compared to animal or synthetic leather, like elasticity and being customizable and breathable.

It was already successfully showcased at the International Leather Fair in October in Milan, Italy. As this material could have a very positive impact on the environment (reducing plastic waste and saving water during production), I’m deeply convinced that the fashion industry would be well advised to rely on luxurious vegan leather made from cactus in the future.

Originally published on December 15, 2019.

Elfe Sciré Calabrisotto, Italy

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