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Environment UK25. June 2021

18 Million Trees Will Help Reforest This Woodland

Over the next decade, Glasgow, in Scotland, United Kingdom, will plant a total of 18 million trees to reforest woodland clusters as part of the city’s commitment to reach net-zero in its fight against climate change.

“The Clyde Climate Forest will deliver social and economic benefit to the population of the City Region. It will also provide a place for nature to connect, recover and thrive,” says Dave Signorini, Scottish Forestry chief executive. “Planting trees can help us reduce our carbon footprint and strengthen communities.”

The project aims to inter-connect around 29,000 hectares of woodland across Glasgow and its surroundings by increasing woodland cover, which would in turn help wildlife thrive. Over the next two years, the Woodland Trust’s Emergency Tree Fund will allocate $565,000 and the Scottish Forestry, $212,000 for the project to continue to grow.


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