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The Old Man’s Note Reminds Me of a Happy Winter Day

It was my last trip before lockdown: my cousin Chrissy and I went on a Californian road trip. Just two girls and a big car (that we named Butch)!

One mild winter day – after hours of driving down Highway One – we stopped in a cozy town near the coast. Tired and hungry, we found a small restaurant and stepped in, not knowing that it was THE hotspot for Hollywood people on a hide-out from the city. The place was packed! We were still wearing our sweatpants, and the man at the door (he was in his seventies) asked us to please wait a few minutes to get a table. We had a little chat, telling him that we were on a road trip.

After we finished our food, the man came to our table. He brought us a handwritten note. Even though it was extremely busy, he had taken the time to write down every single place that is worth a stop on the highway for the next part of our trip. He even added some insider tips!

Having been told that Americans tend to be superficial, I must admit, this was the most thoughtful gesture we ever experienced abroad. I cherish the note and think about my “last” trip almost every day. I hope the man with insider tips is safe and healthy!

Originally published on June 25, 2020.

Jana Schumacher, 31, Germany

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