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Twibber Stories Germany9. September 2021

How our singing helps people with dementia

I’m a singer and have guessed for a while that singing can have a positive effect on people with dementia. My mother suffers from this disease. When I sing with her, apparently it not only improves her mood but also her cognitive abilities. After singing she speaks more understandably.

My personal impression has now been confirmed by a study from psychologists at the University of Frankfurt: They observed people with dementia and their relatives, while actress Annette Frier and I sang with them for several weeks in a choir. The project was filmed for the documentary „Unforgettable – our choir for people with dementia“, broadcasted on German TV channel ZDF.

Singing has been proven to help these patients. But I was surprised that it also has a significantly positive effect for the relatives: Their tendency to be depressive declines. Today the participants are still doing well and the documentary is still available online. We all need such an example of optimism in these times!

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Originally published on November 11, 2020.

Eddi Hüneke, 49, Cologne, Germany

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