A migrant looking out as he stands on a rescue boat during their arrival at the Port of Malaga after the rescue. A total of 18 migrants from Morocco were rescued from a dinghy as they tried to cross the Alboran Sea and brought to Malaga harbor, where they were assisted by the Spanish Red Cross. Photo Credit: SOPA Images via Getty Images

Society Italy22. July 2021

European Cities Welcome Refugees with Open Arms

The city of Palermo, Italy, welcomed a conference reuniting 33 European cities which are all willing to take in more refugees and migrants, thus exposing their common vision of a more welcoming Europe.

“As European cities and municipalities that firmly believe in the defense of human rights, we have been offering refugees and migrants a new home for decades. We are unconditionally committed to humanitarian values, universal human rights and the right to asylum, even in difficult times,” the statement of the International Alliance of Safe Harbours reads.

Aside from Palermo, the cities of Potsdam, Amsterdam, Munich, Leipzig, W├╝rzburg, Athens, Barcelona, and Villeurbanne all signed the declaration, and all are part of an international network of cities that are advocating for a better distribution of refugees and migrants between the EU states. The declaration also states that any people in distress at sea, be it migrants or fishermen, should be rescued.

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