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Twibber Stories Germany23. July 2020

A Friendly Owner Made “Hans” Sail – and My Son Happy

Originally the family (me, my husband and our two kids) wanted to travel somewhere, but with the Covid-19 restrictions, all our plans were cancelled. Then we thought, why don’t we visit my sister at the Baltic sea, where she has for years spent her summer holidays in the same little flat at a horse farm?

But we were not the only ones with that plan: not a single hotel or pension was available! Then my sister called: ‘I found an old ship where you can stay. It is fixed on the harbor, and has 4 beds.’ We said yes. On the day of arrival the kids were so happy, what a great ship! Then, the disappointment was huge. They realized “Hans”, as the old tow boat was called, will not leave the harbor.

The next morning the owner passed by to say ‘Hello’. My 12 year old son shot the question at him: ‘Can you take us out?’. First the owner said, it is too much work to get “Hans” out and the weather might be bad. But, when he saw the sad face of my son, he said: ‘What the hell, let’s go!’ It was the happiest day for us – and we took my sister, who found “Hans”, along as well!

Nadja Zimmermann, 46, Bahrain

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