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Society United Kingdom24. May 2024

A Massive Decline in Crime Here

Thanks to data that reflect a more rational approach to crime based on evidence and not public perception, it has been proven that crime has steadily and impressively declined in England and Wales, the United Kingdom, over the last three decades.

As of 2024, violence, burglary, and car crime have declined by almost 90% over the last 30 years, thanks to data collected by the Crime Survey for England and Wales, the best indicator of true crime levels since it isn’t subject to variations in reporting and recording.

Domestic violence has dropped, as well as other types of violence against women. A similar decline has been noticed in anti-social behaviour. Technology and security tools like door deadlocks, more robust door frames, or double-glazed windows are responsible for the drop because committing crimes has become more complex. For example, when teenagers cannot commit crimes like joyriding and burglary, they don’t progress to longer criminal careers, hence a positive and multiplying effect on global crime numbers.

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