Major Mitchell's cockatoo is one of the threatened species protected by the new national park. Photo Credit: kristianbell/Getty Images

Animals Australia 25. June 2024

A New Protected Refuge for Many Species

New South Wales (NSW), Australia, recently announced the opening of a national park that will be a refuge for rare species.

“Finding 12 threatened species within Comeroo Station is incredibly exciting and these surveys mark the crucial first step in the journey of transforming this extraordinary property into a national park, ensuring its protection for generations to come,” says Penny Sharpe, the Minister for Climate Change and the Environment.

Recently, NSW announced the results of a recent study, confirming that the Cameroo Station area is home to 158 native species, including at least 12 of which are threatened. The new national park created here will consist of 37,422 hectares of land, which will be managed to protect and restore existing habitats and prevent the extinction of native species. The recent survey is also aiding conservationists to understand the area better, providing critical information that prioritizes certain conservation efforts and species. And eventually, once the land is ready, visitors can visit this new, diverse national park.

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