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Environment Germany18. January 2021

Your Next Pair of Sneakers Could Be Made Out of Plants

Adidas is taking its sustainability efforts to a whole new level this year: the sportswear manufacturing giant is now developing a plant-based leather material which will be used to produce “green” shoes.

Working with other partners, Adidas’ shoes will be developed using a part of a fungus called mycelium as a plant-based leather alternative.

According to Dennis Green of Business Insider, customers are more likely to choose sustainable footwear over their less planet-conscious counterparts – enough so to get apparel businesses working hard to provide more and more eco-friendly alternatives to their usual products.

Last year, Adidas produced 15 million shoes pairs of shoes made of recycled plastic waste that was collected from beaches and coastal regions, with plans to produce 17 million more pairs this year while working on also adding their plant-based shoes to the shelves.

Business Insider

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