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Health Canada27. March 2023

AI Develops Cancer Cure… Within a Month!

With artificial intelligence now able to develop a treatment for an aggressive type of liver cancer in a month and predict the patients’ survival rate with an accuracy of 80%, the technology could soon become the new weapon against deadly diseases.

“While the world was fascinated with advances in generative AI in art and language, our generative AI algorithms managed to design potent inhibitors of a target with an AlphaFold-derived structure [artificial intelligence (AI)-powered protein structure database],” explains Insilico Medicine founder and CEO Alex Zhavoronkov.

Researchers from the University of Toronto worked closely with Insilico Medicine to create a potential treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma, a form of liver cancer, using the AI drug discovery platform Pharma. The AI analyzed the data from 47,625 patients across all six B.C. Cancer sites located across British Columbia to achieve this feat. It turns out that the AI discovered a previously unknown treatment pathway and subsequently, designed a novel hit molecule in 30 days. Moreover, using natural language processing – a branch of AI that understands complex human language – the system managed to analyze doctor notes and predict life expectancy with 80% accuracy. Artificial intelligence could become a powerful tool against diseases since it can analyze vast amounts of data, uncover patterns and relationships, predict the effects of treatments, and identify characteristics unique to each patient.

Daily Mail

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