A bald eagle nest, complete with eaglet, in Rutland, Massachusetts. Photo Credit: Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

Animals USA7. June 2020

Bald Eagle Population Soars: Nest Spotted in Town for the First Time in 115 Years

The population of the once-endangered bald eagles in Massachusetts, USA has been significantly rising in recent years – and for the first time since 1905, wildlife officials spotted a bald eagle nest with eggs on Cape Cod.

The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife (MassWildlife) documented over 70 active bald eagle nests this nesting season, with the new nest spotted in the town of Barnstable.

“We found nine new nests so far this year, which is really exciting,” says Marion Larson, a spokeswoman for MassWildlife, to the Boston Globe. “People are just awestruck when they see a bald eagle. There’s a thrill to seeing them here because they weren’t in Massachusetts for quite a few years.”

Bald eagles disappeared from Massachusetts from 1905 until 1982, reappearing after conservation efforts and reintroduction programs were put in place. The efforts have been so successful that in 2007, the species was de-listed as endangered in 2007, and the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act recently further downgraded the bald eagle from its “threatened” status to “special concern”.


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