A court trial investigating the so-called 'Napalpí Massacre' began in Resistencia this week. Photo Credit: TÉLAM/Pablo Caprarulo

Society Argentina28. April 2022

Better Late Than Never: Landmark Trial Kicks Off for Indigenous People

The Napalpí Massacre “truth trial” has begun in Argentina, a milestone court case that could lead to reparations being paid — 98 years after between 300 to 500 Indigenous peoples were killed.

The trial is due to run until May 19 and may finally provide some peace to the families of the victims involved in the tragedy. The massacre, which targeted and killed members of the Qom and Moqoit Indigenous communities, occurred back in 1924 with no charges or convictions ever made against the killers. 

“This is the first time in the history of the country that an act of genocide against Indigenous peoples is brought to trial,” says the Chaco provincial government in a statement. 

Though a federal judge ruled the event a crime against humanity, due to a lack of defendants, no traditional trial was ever held. The landmark trial will attempt to give “an approximation of the facts” in an effort to find the truth, heal the wounded, and “generate an awareness so that these violations of human rights are never repeated,” says presiding judge Zunilda Niremperger.

Buenos Aires Times

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