Sunrise behind the wind energy park "Odervorland" on 14 December 2022, Sieversdorf, Brandenburg, Germany. Photo Credit: picture alliance/Getty Images

Environment Germany11. January 2023

Blown Away by Wind Energy – with a New Record

Germany reached its highest electricity production from wind energy on January 4th, thus establishing a new record, and putting the long-time leader in wind energy production on track to consume 80% of renewable energy by 2030.

“We are thus tripling the renewable energy expansion on water, on land, and on the roof,” states Sven Giegold, a senior public official and state secretary at the Germany ministry of economy and climate action.

According to the European Energy Exchange’s data, Germany’s wind farms produced 50,232 megawatts (MW) on January 4th. Last year, the maximum wind energy production was 46,500 MW. This record-breaking quantity of clean energy produced is aligned with Germany’s implementation of new laws to ensure that 80% of the total power grid comes from renewable energy sources by 2030. With government-subsidized prices for onshore wind farms increasing by 25% on January 1st, more wind farms could pop up. Should Germany continue to produce extensive renewable energy, it could soon cut out oil entirely. As the long-time leader in wind production, Germany is setting the example for other European countries to transition once and for all to renewables.

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