Engineers manufacture MySE292 offshore super large blades at Dongfang Mingyang New Energy High-end Equipment Industry Base on February 27, 2024 in Dongfang, Hainan Province of China. MySE292 offshore super large blade with the world's longest impeller diameter rolls off production line at the Dongfang Mingyang New Energy High-end Equipment Industry Base. Photo Credit: VCG via Getty Images

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World’s Largest Wind Turbines Installed in the Deep Sea!

Two of the world’s biggest wind turbines ever built have been installed off the coast of China, prompting the expansion of the Asian country’s offshore wind farm in deep sea areas with even more giant turbines for domestic and international markets.

The two prototypes – Shanghai-based Envision Energy’s 16.7 megawatts (MW) and Shangdu-based Dongfang Electric’s 18 MW – are designed and built to sustain the harsh conditions at deep sea locations.

Dongfang Electric’s semi-direct dive turbine has been installed in a coastal test location in Guangdong Province in Southeast China, near Hong Kong. According to the company, this turbine alone could produce 72 million kWh annually. Envision Energy’s turbine has been designed to reduce construction costs, requiring fewer turbines to achieve targeted power levels and low maintenance costs. Chinese manufacturers are doubling down on the offshore wind turbine offering, with Mingyang Wind Power planning to complete a 22 MW turbine before 2025. China is the leader in offshore wind energy capacity, with 31 gigawatts (GW) installed out of approximately 67.4 GW worldwide.

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