A rendering of a direct air capture array at CarbonCapture's Project Bison facility. Image Credit: CarbonCapture

EnvironmentTechnology USA31. October 2022

Bye, Bye Carbon: World’s Largest CO2 Removal Project Is Here

A new “carbon capture” facility in Wyoming, USA could suck five million tons of carbon dioxide from the air by 2030.

“By 2030, Project Bison is scheduled to have rolled-out five megatons of annual capture and storage capacity. At that point, we expect it will be the largest single atmospheric carbon removal project in the world,” the company explains in a press release.

Each year, humans emit roughly 43.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide, a gas that traps warm air inside the atmosphere and raises global temperature averages. Though the most promising solution is to stop producing greenhouse gases by phasing out fossil fuels and electrifying industries, carbon capture could help to minimize the damage of carbon that is already in the air.

Project Bison is set to start operating by the end of 2023, with an expected removal of 10,000 tons of carbon in its first year of operation, and is then expected to scale up rapidly. “Project Bison starts small, but grows fast,” the company confirms.


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