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Environment USA30. January 2021

Climate Change is Personal, Says Ad Campaign

An advertising campaign featuring scientists and mothers aims to turn the climate crisis into a personal matter for millions of Americans, harnessing mothers’ concerns about their own children’s health, safety, and future to help spread the word and make a change.

“I’m hoping I can help shift the message from just, ‘kids are impacted by climate change’ to ‘your kids are impacted by climate change’,” says Emily Fischer, an atmospheric chemist who is featured in Science Moms, the multi-million-dollar online and television advertising campaign. “To me, that’s really powerful. From the second you have a child, you want to do everything you can to protect them. Our action on climate change is no different – it’s just an extension of being a mom.”

Two-thirds of Americans are worried about the planet warming up, and women are more likely to act upon it. With ads featuring climate scientists who double as mothers, Science Moms hope to give mothers the best tools possible to understand climate change and talk to others about it as “moms tend to trust moms,” says Melissa Burt, a research scientist at Colorado State University and one of the mothers featured in the ads.

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