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EnvironmentTechnology The World29. January 2024

Clean Energy Milestone: Solar Panel Windows!

A see-through technology could revolutionize the world of renewable energy, replacing windows and glass surfaces with transparent solar panels without disrupting farmlands and natural habitats.

With such a technology, buildings could go from major energy users to energy providers, like the Copenhagen International School which uses 12,000 hued but clear solar panels, producing 200 MWh of energy on an annual basis, more than half of the energy the building consumes.

Photovoltaic glass – or transparent solar concentrator – is made to absorb specific UV and infrared light wavelengths that aren’t visible to the naked eye and transform them into energy capable of powering electronics. From phone screens to skyscrapers, there are between 5 and 7 billion square meters of glass surface in the United States alone. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to help cities reach their climate targets and help humanity have a sustainable and greener future faster.

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