The makers of XRAI Glass have created a software that subtitles their life on AR smart glasses plugged into their phones. Picture Credit: XRAI, Video Credit: Metro

Technology United Kingdom18. January 2023

Closed-Captioning Glasses, to See (and Rewind!) Live Conversations

A London-based technology company has developed AI-powered smart glasses for hearing-impaired people, offering them the possibility to see subtitles of their conversation in near-real time, even to rewind and reread it.

“Imagine Alexa for your eyes,” states Mitchell Feldman, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for XRAI Glass.

The technology is inspired by XRAI’s co-founder’s grandfather who, due to his hearing loss, felt ostracized and enjoyed mainly watching television with subtitles on. Off-the-shelf augmented reality glasses are tethered to a smartphone app with AI-driven software – currently, only the Nreal Air Augmented Reality glasses are compatible with the software – that provides the users with subtitles of conversations in near-real time in nine languages. More are coming in the future months. The basic live caption app can be downloaded for free, and the assistant and translation services are accessible through a paid subscription.

Metro UK

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