Child holding yellow fever vaccination card during campaign in Ghana, Africa, 2022. Photo Credit: UNICEF

Health The World31. January 2024

Closer Than Ever Towards Eliminating Yellow Fever Globally

A mid-term evaluation of a global ten-year strategy reveals that much progress has been made toward eliminating yellow fever epidemics.

“The evaluation evidence shows that through collaboration and co-ordinated action, the EYE Strategy has yielded significant results. Yellow fever vaccination campaigns have protected 226 million people in Africa since it was launched in 2017, and most high-risk countries have introduced the yellow fever vaccine into their routine immunization schedules,” says the World Health Organization’s Director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines, and Biologicals, Dr Kate O’Brien.

The EYE Strategy is a global coalition of over 50 partners in 40 countries that began its work in 2017. One primary goal of the strategy is to protect nearly 1 billion people from yellow fever worldwide by 2026. Through accelerated vaccination programs and easier medical access thanks to the EYE coalition, previously burdened countries are finding it easier to navigate infections. Following the mid-term review of the strategy, the EYE partners have further committed to intensify their efforts over the next few years, moving the world one step closer to being free of yellow fever epidemics.

World Health Organization

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