Dignas app for domestic workers in México . Photo Credit: CACEH

Society Latin America16. November 2022

Communities Join Hands to Protect Their Domestic Rights (Through an App!)

Across Latin America, domestic workers are banding together and building mobile apps to help guard their rights.

“These apps make it easier for workers to access information about their rights and achieve labor justice,” explains Julieta Hernández, a program manager at CARE, an international aid organization.

Over 9 million workers – largely poor black, migrant, and indigenous women – could be protected by the mobile apps. Sometimes workers are undocumented and are therefore more likely to be exploited and earn below the minimum wage. Other times, workers are simply uneducated with poor literacy skills and therefore are not aware of the rights they are protected by. “When we know our rights, we can defend ourselves and negotiate with employers better and reach agreements,” says a Colombian and domestic worker for the past 25 years, Ana Salamanca.


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