The eastern barred bandicoot, a small long-nosed nocturnal marsupial. Photo Credit: Jason Edwards/Getty Images

Animals Australia20. March 2023

Conservation Always Wins: 26 Species No Longer Near Extinct

The population of 26 Australian species has recovered enough to be taken off the list of threatened species, proof that conservation efforts have paid off and that with active management, animals could continue to thrive.

A total of 26 species – 14 mammal, eight bird, two frog, one reptile, and one fish species – have been delisted as threatened, including the greater bilby, burrowing bettong, western quoll, eastern barred bandicoot, sooty albatross, Bulloo grey grass wren, and Murray cod.

All the animals listed as threatened – currently and previously, meaning between 2000 and December 2022 – under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act have been the subject of a study. The population size and distributions of all 26 species had improved enough to be delisted, as long as their retrieval from the list doesn’t have a negative impact on their survival. The humpback whale – delisted in 2022 – the waterfall frog and the common mist frog – both delisted in 2020 – have seen their numbers stabilize if not rebounded, showing legitimate recoveries. Habitat management played a big part in conservation efforts put in place as the Flinders Ranges worm-lizard, the southern cassowary, and the Gouldian finch saw their status improve thanks to it.

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