Ethiopians take part in a national mass tree-planting drive within the "Green Legacy" campaign to promote ecotourism in the country, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on June 5, 2020. Credit: Anadolu Agency

Environment USA30. June 2020

Want to Invest a Couple of Million in Planting Trees? This New App Can Help!

Deforestation is a global issue, and proper funding is key to tackling this issue. So a new online platform is providing an ideal way to connect tree planters with major investors interested in fighting against climate change and damaged ecosystems.

According to the developers, the newly-released platform and mobile app, TerraMatch, plans to link multi-million-dollar financiers to those planting trees in Colombia, Brazil, Malaysia and other key countries – starting with Malawi.

“TerraMatch will help us connect with sustainable sources of private finance that can scale up this work and create jobs, build strong rural economies,” says Tangu Tumeo, the principal forestry officer of Malawi’s government, which is working with young groups to help restore and protect damaged land and forests.

Environmentalists add that protecting vulnerable areas can also help stop erosion, regulate water resources, and keep soil fertile. So far, over 110 organizations from 40 countries have already registered on the platform.

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