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Twibber Stories United Arab Emirates3. July 2020

Distanced Dosa Party Brings Neighbors Together

The world needs people like Geetha! Our community in the desert, a quick ride from glitzy Dubai, has parks, playgrounds, lots of families – and a WhatsApp group of a few hundred neighbors. Car to sell. Know a plumber? Wow, these flowers! Have you seen my cat? Nice Place!

Then one post opened all our hearts. Neighbor Geetha, who I’ve never met, wrote: “I want to make South Indian rice cakes, Dosas. You order, I’ll make them, you pick them up at my house!” She added two lists: The rules to keep the bug away (mask, drive-by pick-up…). And a menu: Dosas with Ghee Roast, Egg, Cheese. And then, unpretentiously: “Feel free to contribute for two water coolers, so the community gardeners can enjoy a fresh drink in their breaks.” 

The WhatsApp group went on fire: Praises to Geetha – and orders for Dosas. The big day, 9 am to 12 noon: Long lines in front of Geetha’s house. The workers will get their water coolers, and a neighbor posted: “We can grow together in difficult times. Thank you Geetha!”

Nick Richardson, 46, Dubai, UAE

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