A brand new Chevrolet Bolt EVU sits on the sales lot at Stewart Chevrolet on October 07, 2021 in Colma, California. General Motors Co. announced plans to double revenue by 2030 with new battery-electric vehicles and hopes to surpass leading electric carmaker Tesla with the release of a new $30,000 electric SUV. Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Environment USA5. August 2022

Electric Car Sales Reach Big Milestone, in Yet Another Big Country

The proportion of electric cars sold in the United States reached the important milestone of 5%, following a trend already established by 18 countries that forecasts a quarter of new car sales to be electric by 2025, and half the number of new car sales to be electric by 2030.

The 5% tipping point is the early-adopter phase of an S-shaped adoption curve, one that was followed by the most successful new technologies, such as electricity, televisions, mobile phones, the Internet, and LED lightbulbs. For electric cars, it is the point where early adopters are overtaken by mainstream demand.

China, Europe, and the US are the largest car markets and now, all three reached the 5% tipping point. Once this point is reached, accelerated demand is expected. Automakers also take the hint and increase their production. Volkswagen, Ford, and BMW hope 50% of their global sales be fully electric by 2030. The EV car adoption curve was first reached in Norway in 2013, in China in 2018, and in South Korea in 2021. Markets approaching the tipping point include Spain, Canada, and Australia. There are currently some 20 million electric vehicles on the road.


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