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Society Mexico26. February 2024

Fewer Crimes Across the Board, for a Safer Tomorrow

For the third consecutive year, Mexico is reporting a decline in the annual percentage of homicides, including in the femicide department, as well as fewer robberies and federal crimes in multiple categories.

“Rate of femicide dropped 38.6% (since the government took office), we continue to intensify the actions of prevention, prosecution and punishment of femicide violence,” states Rosa Icela Rodríguez from the Secretariat of Security and Civil Protection (SSPC in Spanish).

According to the SSPC, the number of intentional homicides went from 30,968 in 2022 to 29,675 in 2023, an annual decline of 4.18%. There was an average of 91 murders per day in 2022, and that number dropped to 81 in 2023. When it comes to femicide – or gender-related murders of women – in December alone, there was a decrease of 19.48% from 2022 to 2023. The SSPC reports that there was a decrease in human trafficking, financial crimes, organized crime, and crimes committed by public servers. Transportation theft, pedestrian robbery, residential theft, public transportation robbery, and business theft have also all experienced a decrease.

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