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Society Saudi Arabia5. May 2021

Female Guards at Holy Mosque Become Social Media Sensation

Pictures of female security guards at Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mosque, the holiest place of worship in Islam, are shared by millions in the Arab world. The female guards are proud to be the newest sign of reforms opening society for women, who were until recently not even allowed to leave their home in the conservative Saudi Kingdom.

Female guards are wearing the uniform and carrying their duties while worshippers and pilgrims visit the Holy Site. The caption reads: “From the field. The security guard of Hajj and Umrah.” Hajj and Umrah are the two types of pilgrimages that can be done at the Holy Mosque.

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has deployed the Vision 2030 initiative to encourage women in the Kingdom to apply for positions in the military for any job, from soldiers to sergeants, and in the Technical and Service Affaires Agency where, so far, 600 women have been recruited. Women may seek jobs in other departments such as electric vehicles, public relations, guidance and intellectual affairs, media and communication, and the general Department of Internal Auditing.

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