Lincolnshire's new national nature reserve contains a "wonderful variety" of features for wildlife, Natural England said. Photo Credit: John Kelly/Getty Images

Environment England12. November 2023

First Nature Reserve Established Here (and a Lot More to Come!)

England’s Lincolnshire coast has just established a new national nature reserve covering 31 square kilometres.

“Today’s declaration is a landmark moment for nature recovery in England, not just in Lincolnshire but also nationally,” says Chair of Natural England, Tony Juniper. “It is a visible demonstration of ambitious targets being translated into practical action.”

The Lincolnshire Coronation Coast National Nature Reserve (LCCNNR) is the first site announced in the “King’s Series of National Nature Reserves” plan. Under the national plan, five major nature reserves will be created annually for the next five years. The LCCNNR is of international importance due to its diversity; it is home to sand dunes, salt marches, mudflats, and freshwater marshes, as well as various animals, plants, and insects. The idea is that the newly established nature reserve will not only protect and conserve essential ecosystems but also allow locals and visitors alike to have more opportunities to connect with nature.


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