Hong Kong skyline and Harbor as seen from Kowloon. Photo Credit: Jake Wyman/Getty Images

Society China15. March 2023

Free Round-Trip Tickets… for Half a Million People!

In an effort to boost tourism, Hong Kong will be giving away 500,000 free round-trip airline tickets over the next six months.

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is probably the world’s biggest welcome ever,” says chief executive of Hong Kong, John Lee.

Hong Kong had some of the world’s strictest restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic, significantly diminishing the city’s tourism industry. Hong Kong saw 65 million visitors in 2018; by 2021, the number of visitors stood at less than 100,000. The free airline tickets will be funded by the government as part of a pandemic relief package and will be released to the public via a lottery system that will roll out in three waves starting in March and ending in May.

Smithsonian Magazine

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