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Twibber Stories Germany24. June 2021

Get Your Latte in Your Own Cup, Twibber Suggests

As the initiator of Coffee To Go Again I’m so delighted, that more and more coffeeshops now accept their customer’s own tableware for drinks and also for meals. I also see more and more people, who rely on reusable tableware during their lunch break.

More than 500 cafés, kiosks, bakeries and canteens in Germany have already joined my project. It is so easy to do something for our environment.

With Coffee To Go Again we are using already existing resources. I’m sure that everybody has a beautiful, reusable mug at home in his cupboard. I’d be so happy if from tomorrow on everybody would put it in his bag and would then get his coffee to go in the future no more from a disposable plastic cup, but from his own reusable mug. The protection of the environment – it’s all in our own hands!

Originally published on December 12, 2019.

Julia Post, 30, Germany, Munich

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