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Environment Europe7. June 2024

Green Deal is a Big Deal in Curbing Climate Change

In the wake of the upcoming EU elections, data show to what extent the European Union improved its climate performance following the implementation of the Green Deal and is on the right path to help the world avoid the devastating impacts of climate change.

In 2019, according to estimations, EU policies would reduce emissions by 33% from 1990 levels. Today, following the implementation of the Green Deal, emissions reduction should reach around 51% – short of its 55% target – by 2030.

Policies like additional measures for renewable energy, the reform of the EU’s emissions trading system and the introduction of a second one for transport and buildings, new standards for cars—including allowing only emission-free car sales by 2035—and measures on energy efficiency have significantly reduced 2030 emissions from the 2019 estimates. To be 1.5C° aligned according to the Paris Agreement, the EU needs to adopt a domestic 2030 reduction target of at least 62%, which is on the line in the 2024 elections.

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