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Hopeful News for the Youth: the World Is Rosier for Gen Z

Resourceful, the 2 billion young people born between 1997 and 2012 – a fifth of the population – are not expected to live a grimmer life than their parents.

Taking into account the world’s 12- to 27-year-olds from emerging economies like Jakarta, Mumbai, or Nairobi could change the popular narrative since they are far better off than their parents as they are richer, healthier, and more educated, and if they have smartphones, better informed and connected.

Generation Z is pursuing science, engineering, and medical degrees, wisely acquiring marketable skills. Gen-Zers’ wages are rising, the youth unemployment rate is at its lowest in decades, and this generation doesn’t worry about quitting a job for a better opportunity or taking things slowly and enjoying life. Gen Z will shape tomorrow’s society as their concerns about climate change grow. This generation is also in favour of a bigger government. A serious bunch, Gen-Zers socialize less in person, have less sex, and tend to experience loneliness. Still, they also have a greater willingness to open up about mental health, which means that better mental health treatment could be on the horizon.

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