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Technology Germany5. October 2021

A.I. “Finishes” Beethoven’s Unfinished Symphony!

A creative A.I. startup has formed a team of music specialists to bring to life Ludwig Van Beethoven’s unfinished Tenth Symphony, and after years of work, the final product is set to be performed on stage in Bonn, Germany.

“We challenged the audience to determine where Beethoven’s phrases ended and where the A.I. extrapolation began,” says Ahmed Elgammal, who led a group of scientists at the creative A.I. startup Playform AI. “They couldn’t.”

Put together in 2019 by Dr. Matthias Röder, director of the Karajan Institute – an Austrian organization that promotes music technology – a team of music historians, musicologists, composers, and computer scientists joined forces to complete Beethoven’s last music endeavor, unfinished since he died in 1827. Sketchbooks, notes, and completed compositions of Beethoven’s entire body of work were used to create what could have been an authentic piece of art from the German composer – with a key requisite in mind to respect Beethoven’s creative process.

Smithsonian Magazine

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