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Twibber Stories Germany28. April 2020

I Cried at Work (Because the World Was Suddenly Better!)

This week I cried at work – but for all the good reasons! The company I work for is called – our clients are car dealerships, and with some of them I have worked for many years.

And I can tell you: loads of bad vibes since the lockdown, many had no business at all, some feared they will go bankrupt. Knowing some of them for many years, I felt so much for them, listened to their worries and sensed their despair.

Then my management decided to postpone all payments to us by 90 days and also waive the April invoices for all our 40,000 customers!

I was the lucky one to tell those guys – and their outpour of gratefulness and relief really made me cry that day a few times! Some even send me pictures, like Robert above. I hope we all come out of this alright and work together in better times to come.

Ilka Stapel, 50, Potsdam, Germany

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