Kharbhih (far left) relies on the six R’s and the six P’s for her successful anti-trafficking model. Photo Credit: Pallabi Munsi /

Heroes India23. July 2020

Woman Rescues 72,000 Human Trafficking Victims – and Counting

Women and children have long been prey to human traffickers across India, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal – and Hasina Kharbhih decided to do something about it: since coming up with an innovative plan of action, she’s rescued 72,000 trafficking victims!

Kharbhih, 49, has spent her time finding ways to help others ever since she was a young schoolgirl, where she contributed towards the social development of vulnerable communities in northeast India. Her early days of volunteer work eventually transformed to the Impulse NGO Network, and by the year 2000, the initiative took on its first human trafficking case.

Since then, Impulse created the Meghalaya Model – or the Impulse Model – and began working with both nongovernmental and governmental organizations across Asia and Europe.

The model is based on a trafficking tracking system that focuses on the six R’s and six P’s: reporting, rescue, rehabilitation, repatriation, reintegration and restitution, and partnership, prevention, protection, policing, press and prosecution. Not only does the center rescue victims with the help of NGOs and local authorities, but they ensure survivors also receive financial compensation to help them get back on their feet.


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