Murui Muina community member in the Huitorá Indigenous Reserve. Photo Credit: ACT

Environment Columbia 12. May 2023

Indigenous Reserves Expanded, Protecting Culture, and Biodiversity

Columbia has expanded the protection of three Indigenous reserves by a total of 279,777 acres.

“Here, we move, we live, and we speak our mother tongue. Without the territory, we are nothing. That is why this great achievement is the dream of every one of our children who is growing up today and will still be able to know life as it is for us. They will continue to watch the dances, to sing, to fish, and to exist in their territory,” says a Korebaju coordinator of the Jericó Consaya Reserve Association, Duvan Valencia Moreno.

The news was announced by Columbia’s National Land Agency and will expand the indigenous regions of the Huitorá, Coropoyá, and Jericó Consaya indigenous communities. These newly-protected Indigenous reserves are filled with cultural heritage and regional biodiversity. All three indigenous communities have praised the expansion, recognizing its importance today and for years to come.

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