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Environment Algeria17. September 2021

The World Is Now Free of This Deadly Fuel

Now that Algeria no longer sells leaded petrol, the world is free of the highly dangerous fuel, a positive step towards improving air pollution levels worldwide.

“The successful enforcement of the ban on leaded petrol is a huge milestone for global health and our environment,” says Inger Andersen, executive director of the United Nations environment programme. “We are invigorated to change humanity’s trajectory for the better through an accelerated transition to clean vehicles and electric mobility.”

According to officials, with leaded petrol no longer in use, some 1.2 million premature deaths per year can be prevented. Now, the UN’s next goal is to phase out completely fossil fuels in cars in favor of cleaner fuels and to encourage developing countries to accelerate and accentuate their shift towards electric cars. “We urge these same stakeholders to take inspiration from this enormous achievement to ensure that now that we have cleaner fuels, we also adopt cleaner vehicles standards globally – the combination of cleaner fuels and vehicles can reduce emissions by more than 80%.”

The Guardian

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