Uruguay is a country in which the possibilities of living well and living without ruin overlap. Photo Credit: Alessandro Cinque for The New York Times

EnvironmentSociety Uruguay21. December 2022

Less Is More, Says One of the World’s Greenest Energy Users

Uruguay is becoming a shining example for the world in our fight against climate change, priding itself on having a high quality of life-powered by renewable energy.

“The culture of the West is a lie. The engine is accumulation. But we can’t pretend that the whole world can embrace it. We would need two or three more planets. The true revolution is a different culture: learning to live with less waste and more time to enjoy freedom,” says former President of Uruguay, José Mujica.

Under Mujica’s leadership, Uruguay invested in biomass, solar, and wind energy to reduce its dependence on oil. Today, Uruguay is powered by 98 percent of renewable energy, making it one of the world’s greenest grids.

New York Times Magazine

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