Photo Credit: Ben Jackson, Video: ACM

AnimalsHeroes Australia2. September 2021

A Farewell Message Made with Sheep: A Farmer’s Tribute to Aunt

In the midst of a Covid-19 lockdown in New South Wales, one farmer finds a creative way to honor his Aunt’s passing from afar: a heart made of sheep.

Australian farmer Ben Jackson arranged the sheep feed in the shape of a heart and captured the moment by using an aerial view video as the sheep assumed position. After “three or four” subpar attempts, Jackson explained, the sheep finally formed a great, white heart.

Jackson emphasized that the tribute was for his Aunty Deb. “And knowing my Aunt Deb,” he said, “if this sheep art – if it brought a smile to even one person’s face, she would be a very proud aunty.” The tribute did just that – people from all over the world, Ben Jackson, the sheep, and Aunt Deb, too, surely smiled.

The Guardian

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