Reintroductions include a planned translocation of critically endangered black rhino. Photo Credit: Getty Images

AnimalsEnvironment South Africa11. April 2024

Massive Rewilding to Bring Back Lost Species

A massive rewilding project is underway in South Africa in an effort to bring back lost species.

“We decided to jump on the opportunity and unlock the conservation and economic potential of the area. Some of the poorest people in South Africa live around the nature reserve. We’re actively trying to find solutions to uplift these communities and provide meaningful career opportunities,” says Dereck Milburn, the South African Project Director for The Aspinall Foundation.

The project in South Africa’s Loskop Dam Nature Reserve will become one of the largest protected wildlife reserves in the country, providing a refuge for myriad species. At least 30 endangered species will soon call the reserve home, including the southern white rhino, Temminck’s pangolin, the Sable antelope, and many unique plants. Moreover, it has over 50 important cultural heritage sites for local communities, including ancient graves. The Loskop Dam Nature Reserve will even have the potential to grow in size in the future, as there are miles of unoccupied wilderness adjacent. Hopefully, the Loskop Dam project will inspire similar movements across the continent of Africa.

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