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Environment Mexico29. January 2021

It’s Official: Mexico City Bans Single-Use Plastic

Following a year of preparation, Mexico’s capital city has finally made the ban of single-use plastic official, in an effort to reduce non-biodegradable plastics and to transform the city into a more sustainable one.

“The commercialization, distribution and delivery of single-use plastic products is prohibited as of January 1,” reads a statement. People are now expected to bring their own reusable items since forks, straws, disposable plastic cups and plastic stirrers have now been banned. This decision was hailed as “a good measure, even in times of the pandemic” from Greenpeace.

“To be effective, the measure requires the support of citizens, to transform our consumption habits and strive towards more sustainable lifestyles,” says Greenpeace’s Ornela Garelli. The support of the public is vital since Mexico City produces more than 7 million tons of plastic every year. The ban on plastic bags, utensils, and other disposable plastic items like cotton swabs, single-use coffee capsules, and balloons was passed in 2019, and the city’s 9 million citizens took a whole year to adjust to the changes.


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