The new 348,140-hectare (860,272-acre) Sierra Tecuani Biosphere Reserve in the Mexican state of Guerrero. Photo Credit: Joaquín Núñez Medrano

Environment Mexico 1. March 2024

Millions More Hectares of Land Get Protection

2.3 million more hectares of land across Mexico are now protected.

“This is a commendable step toward biodiversity conservation and environmental protection,” says Gina Chacón, director of the Wildland Network’s public policy program.

The 2.3 million hectares are spread across 20 different areas, including two coastal regions. The 20 areas consist of four new national parks, seven sanctuaries, and three “natural resources protection areas,” among other important sites. These newly protected areas are expected to preserve various species, including whale sharks, Mexican prairie dogs, jaguars, and critical coral reefs. Furthermore, many areas are culturally significant to Indigenous communities within Mexico. Mexico’s current President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has protected a total of 43 new areas within the state, more than any previous administration. Despite budget cuts in the environmental sector, actors are working from the ground up to ensure the conservation of the country’s many rich ecosystems.


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