Female farm worker using digital tablet with virtual reality and AI for analyzing plant disease in sugarcane agriculture fields. Photo Credit: KDP via Getty Images

Technology USA25. August 2021

Groundbreaking Search Engine Can Predict the Future of Tech!

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, United States, developed an online search engine designed to predict how much tech innovations – from batteries to farming equipment to lasers – are expected to improve each year, paving the way for smart planning and investments.

MIT’s search tool involves an AI model that scans the American patent system for citations to make its predictions. As a result, the improvement rates of 1,757 different technologies can be found on the online search engine.

In order to go from theory to practice, MIT professor of practice Christopher Magee partnered with his grad student Anuraag Singh, to launch Technext, a company that helps organizations understand when is the best time for them to invest in some of those technologies based on their improvement predictions.

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