The altitudinal changes in the new conservation area allow for a vast diversity of species. Photo Credit: Henry Bloomfield

Environment Bolivia 2. May 2024

More Conservation, More Local and Wildlife Support!

A new conservation area in Bolivia will ensure freshwater sources for over 2.4 million locals and further protect wildlife.

The creation of the Fuente de Vida – or “Source of Life” – is a newly protected area spanning 19,065 acres near Santa Cruz, Bolivia. In addition to providing freshwater, it will also greatly expand an exisiting wildlife corridor, aiding in the protection of myriad species.

The ocelot, giant anteater, near-threatened margay, and the vulnerable Azara’s capuchin monkey are among the species expected to benefit from the new conservation area. The area, abundant in freshwater streams, rivers, and springs, will support water security for over two million people living near Santa Cruz. Moreover, the newly protected Fuente de Vida will mitigate ecological threats such as mining and deforestation and work on responsible tourism and environmental education within the region. Many funders, conservation groups, and local communities collaborated to create this abundant and ecologically important wildlife corridor.

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