Unusual close up of a Rothschild giraffe in mid "necking" contest, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya. Photo Credit: WLDavies/Getty Images

Animals Africa 28. December 2022

More Protection Means More Giraffes… So Let’s Keep on Protecting!

Giraffe populations in Africa have increased by 20 percent since 2015 thanks to greater conservation efforts as well as more accurate surveying techniques and data.

“While advanced survey methods may be the reason for some of the increase in population estimates, there has been very positive indicators that conservation programs on the ground are also having a profound impact,” says Jenna Stacy-Dawes, a biologist who specializes in giraffes at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

Giraffe populations remain relatively small, at only about 117,000 individuals compared to the million that roamed the African continent in the 1700s. Habit fragmentation, deforestation, war, and poaching are all significant factors that cause giraffe species to become vulnerable and endangered.

The latest efforts to relocate giraffes into reserves have boosted the species’ numbers – as have measures put in place by local governments. Citizens, researchers, and conservationists have also come together to protect the world’s tallest animal. “When conditions are good for giraffes, they can rebound in incredible ways. All they need is a chance,” says study co-author and ecologist with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia, Michael Brown.

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