A black catbird. The black catbird’s song was worked on by the Belizean group the Garifuna Collective, led by another keen birder-cum-musician, Al Ovando. Photo Credit: Ray Wilson/Alamy Stock Photo

Animals United Kingdom13. August 2020

New Album: These Birds Sing and Chirp to Help Other Birds Survive. And It’s Art, as Well.

A collective of musicians, producers and DJs produced a 10-track record that samples recordings of endangered species from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The money they make from it will help conserving the birds in peril.

“The main impulse here is conservation but of course there’s an artistic challenge too,” says Robin Perkins, a record producer from Manchester, UK, who leads the project. “We need activism coming from different places, and music is one of those places.”

The album A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean follows a record inspired by the endangered birds in South America released in 2015 that raised more than $15,000 for two bird conservation charities in the region.

The Guardian

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