Chicago-based publisher Haymarket Books will launch the reimagined London tube map next International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021. Photo Credit: Future Publishing via Getty Images

Society United Kingdom26. July 2020

Gender Change for 270 of London’s Underground Stations

Inspired by the “City of Women” subway map in New York City, USA, celebrity actor Emma Watson and award-winning author Reni Eddo-Lodge are recreating England’s London Tube map, with stations renamed after iconic women and non-binary people linked with the city.

“This offering is inspired by all the women and non-binary people who have shaped London’s history,” say the project organizers in a statement, “as well as other projects that have already done much to re-imagine the city from a similar perspective.”

With 270 stations to be renamed, the team is asking the public for their suggestions on who they would like to nominate and why. Haymarket Books, a publisher based in Chicago, United States, will launch the new tube map on March 8, 2021 – in celebration of the next International Women’s Day.


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