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Society USA4. October 2021

A Farm on a Busy Street? This Housing Complex is Doing It!

A new complex is coming to life on a busy suburban street in California, United States, offering affordable homes to a mix of generations and incomes – and even promoting healthy habits with its very own farm.

“Not only are we providing a really unique living experience for the residents that live on the property, but we’re also taking a very deliberate approach to encouraging the health and wellness of our residents by incorporating the farm, hopefully, into their daily and weekly lifestyles,” says Vince Cantore, vice president of development at The Core Companies, the developer leading the project, called Agrihood.

Out of the 361 units, 165 are for low-income seniors and veterans, 160 are market-rate ones with 10% reserved for people who have moderate incomes, and 36 are townhomes. On top of the farm space where up to 1,000 kg of food is produced every year, there is a cafe, a community space, and a shed. The project constitutes a solution to the shortage of affordable housing and could be replicated. “This is a project that’s going to go a long way to helping to meet the needs of seniors and senior veterans.”

Fast Company

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