Northern Right Whale mother and calf (Eubalaena glacialis) off the Atlantic coast of Florida. Researchers estimate there are only 300-400 Right Whales alive today. Photo Credit: Brian Skerry

Animals USA13. April 2021

These Endangered Whales Are Making a Comeback!

Over the winter, 17 North Atlantic right whale calves were spotted along the coast between the states of Florida and North Carolina, United States – marking this the endangered species’ highest birth rate since 2015.

“What we are seeing is what we hope will be the beginning of an upward climb in calving that’s going to continue for the next few years,” says Clay George, in charge of overseeing right whale surveys for the Georgia state government.

The endangered whale’s population is estimated at around 360, and in 2018, for the first time in three decades, no offspring were produced. The right whale population may bounce back so long as efforts are put in place, so fisheries services are contemplating making adjustments to the federal rules, such as imposing larger vessels to slow down in certain sections of the waters when whales are frequently seen.

The Guardian

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