Scroby Sands offshore wind farm Caister Great Yarmouth Norfolk England. Photo Credit: Geography Photos/Getty Images

Environment France30. August 2020

Orders for Offshore Wind Skyrocket

The COVID-19 pandemic was brutal for many businesses, but not for the global offshore wind industry. In the first half of 2020 alone, the clean-power industry saw its orders increased by 319% compared with 2019.

According to the International Energy Agency 2019 report, “today’s offshore wind market doesn’t even come close to tapping the full potential – with high-quality resources available in most major markets, offshore wind has the potential to generate more than 420,000 TWh per year worldwide. This is more than 18 times global electricity demand today.”

Still, the industry is looking to improve itself and the technology it uses. The size of the turbines installed now reaches 10 megawatts and soon, 12. Designs for 15 to 20MW turbines are ready. The energy this industry produces competes with fossil fuels and is cheaper than nuclear energy.

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