Bluefin tunas are seen swimming around the fishermen's nets during the end of the Almadraba tuna fishing season on June 3, 2014 near the Barbate coast, in Cadiz province, Spain. Photo Credit: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Animals France19. September 2021

Not One, But FOUR Tuna Species Have Escaped Extinction!

It was announced at this year’s World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France, that four species of tuna are no longer in danger of extinction, thanks to active conservation efforts to put an end to overfishing.

“I think the good news is that sustainable fisheries are possible,” says Beth Polidoro, a marine biologist at Arizona State University. “We can eat fish sustainably and without depleting the population to the point where it is on the road to collapse or extinction.”

The Atlantic bluefin tuna’s status went from endangered to of least concern. It is also the case for the yellowfin tuna and the albacore tuna. As for the southern Bluefin tuna, its status changed from critically endangered to endangered, joining the bigeye tuna which holds on to its status of vulnerable, and skipjack tuna, of least concern. Tuna, just like many other marine species, is threatened with extinction mainly because of overfishing, which is why reduced catch quotas played a big role on the species’ comeback.

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